TCE Structural Design & Consulting operates in civil engineering structural problems. We realize simple and most difficult jobs every day, such us:
  • expertises of building objects, in the state before failure and after disaster also,
  • structural design of all kind of structures (reinforced and prestressed concrete, steel and wooden),
  • design of the large-span slabs and roofs in buildings as well as the engineering structures,
  • development of innovative structural solutions as well as improvement of existing ones,
  • verification of the building expertises and opinions, building projects and approved design solutions, projects improving, release of apartments in buildings from inner suports (at the desig stage, construction stage as well as in existing buildings)
  • design of reapir, strengthening and adaptation of building structures for new funcions,
  • development of innovative construction solutions as well as improving of existing ones (in coopertaion with Building Materials and Constructions Institute of Cracow University of Technology),
  • realizations of prestressing at building site with unbonded tendons.